As a landlord of a rental property, whether it is a short term or long term rental, maintenance is key to attracting quality tenants and thus protecting your financial investment. And it seems like something else that is on the back burner, but the truth is that painting plays an important role in property maintenance. Tenants don’t take as much care of things as they do when they own them, so there are a number of things to consider when painting these walls.
We should also talk about the importance of hiring someone to paint the property for you, such as our professional painters in Jávea.

How often should the property be repainted?

Unless the rental contract states otherwise, as the landlord, the responsibility for repainting the walls always falls on you. But the upside of this is that the painting job is not really expensive and is one of the cheapest housing jobs and it instantly refreshes worn out spaces and protects the walls from damage.

In a residential dwelling, the paint job may last longer and does not need to be touched up, but in rental homes, unfortunately, it is something that needs to be done more often.

For long-term rentals, inspect the paint job between tenants for anything from stains to holes in the walls. If the damage is minor or limited to certain areas, a repair and paint job will help you save money while keeping your space in good condition. How often should you repaint the entire rental property? As a general rule of thumb (though not always), most landlords repaint the entire space every 3 to 5 years maximum, coinciding with renovation.


What colour should I paint the walls of the rental house?

When repainting, look at colour trends in each area. Colours should go with a variety of décor types, but should also reflect currency and style. I mean, if the house has been painted the same Tuscan gold colour for the last 20 years… it’s time to change it and paint the house in a more contemporary colour.

The same rule applies to short-term rentals, and here too the most popular neutral colours still reign supreme. But for beach rentals, for example, you can break this rule with bright decorative walls to reflect the fun and relaxing atmosphere of the location you are in, something chill and calm. In more rural or mountain cabin settings, darker, earthy tones would be more appropriate, reflecting your surroundings in them.

Painting walls for rental homes – should I hire someone?

When you’re “tackling” walls in rental properties, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth doing it yourself or having professionals do it for you. But professional painters tend to paint more quickly, and with a better finish. The time of the job will be much shorter and you won’t have the property standing empty with no tenants and therefore no loss of profitability. And of course, a professional painter will always know the most suitable materials to use for each surface and will leave a perfect finish in every corner. This will give the property a visual value that tenants will notice.
By doing a job well done, the durability of the paint is much longer, so you won’t have to repaint for a longer period of time and this will also save you more money.

If you need help with paint advice and for the creation of custom colours, you can count on the Bartolomé Bas team to get the perfect colour for every property and for every surface.