Stippled walls were very popular in homes built between the 1970s and 1990s and still exist in many homes. This type of texture with the rough finish helped hide imperfections and also did not need to be painted as often.
Nowadays this texture is no longer so desired, in fact, many people have contacted professionals like our team of painters in Javea and surroundings to remove the gotelé from the walls. Now they are looking for a more modern look with a ready and light texture. And if it’s your case, that you want to know how to remove the gotelé from the walls, and say goodbye to that old and antique look, there are a couple of ways to get rid of it. It is a rather difficult and cumbersome process, but we are going to tell you what it consists of.

Removing the stippled wallpaper to make them smooth

Here’s how to remove stippled paint from walls and ceilings with a few tricks.
The first thing you must take into account and you must find out is the finish that has the wall to which you intend to remove the stippled (this is another reason why it is always better to contact professionals to get rid of the stippled walls), if it is with plastic paint or tempera.


Removing stippled paint from a wall with tempera paint

In this case it is necessary to start wetting the walls with water using a specialized brush or roller. Then you have to wait a few minutes, and when it is verified that the water has penetrated correctly, you can start to remove the stipple with a scraper or spatula specific for this type of material scraping in a homogeneous way.

Once all the stippled wall has been removed correctly, proceed to dry the wall completely, and with the help of putty, specialized for the material of the wall, the defects that have been left on the wall will be covered. This procedure should be done in a fine manner without leaving reliefs, as this will avoid more work later. Once the putty and the wall are completely dry, it is necessary to pass to the sanding phase, to leave the surface fine, finishing with a coat of fixative primer.

Removing stippled paint from a wall finished with plastic paint

One of the options that exist to remove the stippled paint from plastic paint walls is to remove the paint with a paint stripper for reliefs. With this paint stripper we try to soften the layer of paint to allow us to remove the stippled paint from the wall in a simpler and dry way. Afterwards it will be necessary to proceed to the phase of puttying of the imperfections and to the sanding of the flaws.

If the paint stripper is not effective to remove the stippled paint from a wall with plastic paint there is another option. This option is based on smoothing the entire wall with a special product such as putty. This technique is based on flattening the wall with material on top of the stippled paint creating a top layer. Afterwards it will be necessary to leave it ready with the help of a sandpaper to be able to paint it.

The work that is carried out to remove this old texture of the walls is not something extremely difficult, but if you need to do things in detail so that they are well for the final painting is perfect and without imperfections.

If you want to get rid of the gotelé and want a thin and more modern walls, you can call our team and we will give you an estimate without obligation.