How to Use Paint to Alter the Size of a Room

If you’re on this page, chances are you’re in constant search of ideas for painting your walls.
Before we get into the nitty-gritty of our topic, it’s good to understand at this point both what the trends are and the ideas for painting walls by analyzing each room in your home.
Let’s start now by understanding what people are mainly looking for on the internet when it comes to kitchen painting ideas.

Kitchen Painting Ideas

When we talk about the kitchen, we can’t help but refer to color. Beyond the decorative styles, it is very important at this point to understand the color ideas to paint your kitchen.
You should know that the space in which you eat and consume food is a space that should be particularly welcoming and have a very warm atmosphere, an environment in which you experience the warmth of conviviality and family.

In fact, for the kitchen, the best colors to paint the walls are yellow, red or orange. We are also used to seeing slightly darker colors with a gray or brown background in today’s kitchens, of course, it all depends on the type of furniture present.

If, on the other hand, you want to stick to a neutral position that can match everything, white will suit all tastes and styles.

Ideas for painting a hallway

Now that we have left the kitchen, it is good to address the topic of ideas for painting a hallway.
The decorative styles for painting a hallway in your home can be really many. In the case of a classic environment it can be a nice idea to decorate the hallway with Venetian stucco, for example.

This type of decoration will make the walls of your hallway look very smooth and shiny. In fact, Venetian stucco will give off a marble effect and those who enter your house for the first time will be enchanted, they will be able to reflect themselves on the hallway wall.

As for the choice of colors for the hallway, it is enough to get advice from an expert. It usually depends a lot on how the house is illuminated, if your hallway has little light I suggest you do not bet on dark colors but focus on white, yellow tones and others.

A tip about the whitewashing of the hallway ceiling: I advise you to pay attention to the height of the ceiling. If you have a very low ceiling, do not use a dark color, otherwise you will have the feeling of being suffocated and trapped, which is different if you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling. With a dark color you will feel like you are in a nice deep perspective.

Ideas for painting the bedroom

The bedroom is always a big unknown when it comes to wondering: how to paint it?
Before thinking about how to paint the walls and what is the best color for a bedroom, I think it is appropriate to ask at this point how a bedroom should be for a family.

Inside a bedroom you have to relax, carve out an oasis of relaxation, in short, in this room it is important to make it particularly relaxing and cozy. In such cases, the choice of color is crucial.
To the question, what color to paint the bedroom? There is no other answer than this: use soft colors such as antique pink, light blue or blue.

Even in these cases, white obviously plays a very prestigious role. In fact, white is always the most suitable choice.

Ideas for painting the foyer

The foyer is a room that should be treated with the utmost care. Sometimes it is like an important business card for the people we welcome, but above all it reflects our personality and professionalism.

Inside a room we can find, for example, huge bookcases illuminated with warm lamps, cozy sofas and fabulous carpets. Let’s say this is a typical environment for a chat with loved ones. That said, the best idea to paint a room seems to be to opt for soft but at the same time sober and neutral colors, such as white, brown or beige.

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