If you have found yourself with damaged windows that at first glance you think you should remove and replace with new ones, from here we tell you that it is better to try to give them a second life both for the decay, moisture, rust, discoloration … Any type of wooden shutter or window frame can come back to life with proper treatment.

Although nowadays people tend to use PVC or aluminium windows, if you find yourself with wooden windows, you should know that they are very good windows and well insulated and you may only have to change the glass (in the case that they are not insulated).

Over time, wood will deteriorate if left untreated, and you should also bear in mind that the paints of the past, or the metals and protections were less effective than those of today.  

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Renovate old windows with window treatments

If you find your old windows with rotten bottoms, bleached paint, rusty hinges and fasteners, damaged wood, know that there is a solution. Wooden windows lose their original shine and require radical restoration, and this is where our team of painters in Javea come in with our wood treatment service.

And if you have wooden windows at home but they are not damaged, we remind you that it is necessary to treat them periodically to keep them in good condition.

Wooden window restoration process

To begin with, in most cases, to restore wooden windows, before painting the wood will have to be completely stripped, followed by grouting and possible inlaying or gluing of the missing parts.

To do this, the sashes of the windows will be dismantled (at which time we will take the opportunity to check the state of the hinges) and the glass will be removed in order to clean the rebate (where the glass is located). Once the glass has been removed, we can then proceed to cut the wood with a manual milling machine or with the necessary tool depending on the state of each window.

Once the wood has been restored, we can proceed to paint, either with a brush or with air pumps. Of course, we cannot forget the varnish and other products depending on the treatment needed for each window or door. In order to know exactly what our windows need, it is always advisable to do this work with professionals in the field until the desired result is achieved. There are anti-coma treatments, anti-uv treatments, waterproofing resins, etc…

To know the best option for restoration and maintenance of wooden windows and doors, you can contact our team to get the most professional information.