Whether you have a daily training routine for a future competition, as if you train for simple maintenance and health, having a home gym is an advantage to be taken full advantage of, but this often makes us something difficult.

For some reason, when we sign up to a gym paying we make it more serious, and we miss less our appointment and on the contrary, when we have a gym at home, that we could practice exercise at any time and without having to pay anything … we get demotivated.

It is very likely that the decoration of your gym can help you improve performance and continuity of practice, so we are going to give you, what for our part we dominate, ideas of the 5 best colors to paint your home gym and that your motivation does not decline.

In Bartolomé Bas we work a lot as painters in Jávea, Denia, Moraira, and we know that many villas in the area have a gym. That’s why we want to recommend the colors that work best in these cases.

Paint a gym wall in red color to motivate yourself strong.

Having the colors of the walls of the gym at home well thought out will improve your motivation to exercise. The intention is that, whether on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday after work, it will motivate you to put on your gym clothes and start training. For this we recommend that you paint some of the walls red, but not all of them, as it could become overwhelming. Red has always been a motivating color, so painting one of the gym walls red will make you associate the room with strength and resilience.
With the red color of the walls and the blacks and silvers that the gym machines usually have, it will give you a sense of strength and motivation.


Paint your home gym green

Actually choosing one color or another to paint the gym should depend on the type of activity you usually do, for example, for a fitness routine combined with pilates or yoga, we recommend you to choose a green color for some of the walls. This color is more soothing than red, and relaxes and softens the energy of the room.

A color like sage green or creamy green will be inspired by nature which will make it easier to get into a more “zen” environment.

Blue for painting a home gym

If you’re looking to update your gym space for more motivation, another good option is neon colors. It may seem a bit risky, but in the 80’s, in the fitness field, bright blues, pinks and yellows were used a lot. These colors are stimulating and give a lot of energy to have a very active workout. Shall we try painting the gym blue with some yellow details? Bright, of course. It’s going to get you pumped up a lot.

Paint the gym white

Some people are motivated by minimalism, and another of the things that are sought in physical exercise is to disconnect and clarify ideas, so painting the walls of the gym at home in white is always a good idea.

Another idea we give you to paint and give utility to the gym is to paint a piece of wall with blackboard. This idea will help you to write down the results of your workouts, and if you have children, they can entertain themselves on the blackboard while you do your exercises without hindrance.