One of the keys to maintaining productivity during office hours is to have a quiet, distraction-free workspace. The importance of having a place specifically designed to tell our brains “it’s time to work” is often overlooked.
Having this specific space also helps us to know when it is time to stop, because as we all know, it is difficult to know when to stop and stop thinking about work.

Working from home is a new normal, and staying motivated at home is something that is sometimes difficult because you get scattered. And this is where we want to help you make your work more effective and your motivation last longer.

Paint colours for motivation in an office

Now we want to guide you, through these colour palettes, to improve attitude, motivation, and mood in an office. Staying focused is key.

Tiffany Teal blue palettes for an office

Blue is the colour of comfort, logic, calm and inspiration. For a contemporary and elegant touch, we suggest tiffany and teal as the perfect colour for your office walls. These shades are not only pleasing to the eye, but also help create a professional experience for the trendy video conferencing. This colour pair is an ideal choice for the home office. Teal also works well if you’re looking to accentuate a particular area or corner, as it blends well with white or earth-toned walls.

Green palettes such as moss, mint and emerald for the office

While not a colour that works for everyone, green can still create some of the most timeless spaces, working to invoke a sense of naturalness and renewal. Using a darker shade in your home office evokes the feeling of a library where we may have studied long ago, helping us to limit our tasks and focus.

While mint and emerald tones add a bit of zest to the overall space, making your study feel calm but invigorating. Another advantage of green tones is that they work well with any décor, from rustic dark oak to minimalist black hardware and futuristic.

That said, we understand that achieving a shade of green that suits your needs is no easy job, but it’s worth the effort, especially for a space that is effortlessly welcoming but still feels alive. You can ask us for a personalised consultation to help you in choosing the right colour and even creating a custom colour for your walls.

Neutral colour tones: beige, cream, ivory, sand, grey…

Neutral and earth tones are the perfect combination to make an interior office look spacious but professional.

If you have a smaller area to work in, we suggest using grey, ivory, cream, white, nude, sand or taupe, as they go well with all décor and are on-trend colours for most offices. These tones will also complement the design given by the walls, table tops and any plants you would like to use to liven up your space.

Personalised assistance with your trusted painters

Here we have given you some colours or shades that can go perfectly with your home office. However, there are still many more factors to choose your perfect colour, such as temperatures, shades, lighting, etc…

In our blog we give you ideas on how to design the colours of your home, we give you tips to improve the look of your rooms, even colour tips to give more light to a dark room. So we advise you to keep an eye on our blog, and if you have any other questions, to contact our team of professionals.