It must be taken into account that painting a house façade is not a job that can be done at any time of the year. And the truth is that it is strange to see someone painting a façade in the middle of winter (if you are in very, very cold areas). This is not due to the discomfort of painting in cold weather, far from it, but depending on when you paint, it will give us a more aesthetic and lasting result.

The best time to paint outdoors

The drying of the paint is related to the temperature and humidity of the air at the time the wall is painted. The ideal time for the best result is a warm, dry day without strong wind. In Bartolomé Bas we add to the conditions, materials and paints resistant to the vagaries of the weather because as painters in Jávea and surroundings, we know that humidity is something we cannot avoid. Therefore, until the paint is dry, we must be careful with the aspects mentioned above and always use the most suitable materials for the circumstances.

Painting an exterior facade, something to do with experience

The process of painting an exterior facade is something that we recommend that should always be done by expert painters, as it will be the A side of the house that will be visible to everyone, and even the way the paint is applied, down to the quality of the paint, will be an important factor when it comes to obtaining good results.

The ideal is to observe the weather during the previous days, and even if the paints are designed for these climates, the idea is not to paint if it is raining that same day. Another climatic factor to take into account is the radical change of temperatures (for example from night to day). We are in an area where we do not have this radical change, but depending on where you are reading from, you better take this factor into account.

It should be stressed that all these factors that we are looking at do not have any influence on the interior painting work, for these cases you can see other tips that we are leaving you on the blog.

If we take into account all these points, we can say that the best time to paint a facade is during the beginning of summer and the beginning of autumn. Here the temperatures are more stable, there are no big fluctuations, and rainfall is not common.

And of course, as mentioned above, we must avoid rainy days and we must maintain the specific temperature range proposed by the paint manufacturer (this range may vary depending on the paint mixture, so it is always better to rely on professionals).

If you are in a very cold area, avoid painting the exterior walls on the coldest days because when the water freezes the paint cracks, does not solidify and the paint will separate from the façade. In order to avoid this phenomenon, make sure you are using specialised paint to withstand this weather.

The opposite will also affect the paint. If you are in a very hot area with high temperatures, you should be aware that the paint will dry too quickly, and will start to peel off (let alone work under the scorching sun at high temperatures).

In short, remember not to do exterior painting work on rainy days, avoid painting on days with high temperatures, and if you cannot avoid all these phenomena, remember to choose the most specialised paints that are most resistant to all this.