The best wall colours to give a summer touch to your home

What we love most about summer is the weather it leaves us with, a warm climate that lets us enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest, but that doesn’t mean we are never at home in the summer months. That’s why, as we also spend time indoors, we want to have the same summer vibes and sensations indoors.

But how can we achieve a summer feeling home? Very easy! With the colours we use to paint the walls of our clients’ houses (working as painters in Jávea, painters in Denia, Moraira, etc…) we make the house feel light, spaciousness, warmth… the sensations we want it to give us every summer.
Did you know that there are colours, leaving aside white which always gives us light and spaciousness, that give us the summer mood?

Decorating a wall with summer coloured paints

Every year, or from time to time, colours and decoration trends change. But there are some summer paint colours that seem at first glance very timeless. And today we want to bring you these trends to try this summer. You’re sure to want to keep this new look in your home for longer.

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Trendy summer wall colours

Sky blue wall colour

Sky blue is inspired by those cloudless summer days, a great colour to use this year. It is a very calming colour that even helps to concentrate. This colour can be used in any type of room in the house, such as the kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc… Within this colour family you will find a wide variety of trendy shades to choose from ranging from pastel colours to sky blue. There are also brighter cobalt colours, but as always, this depends on your taste.

Day at the beach” wall colour

How about colours that give you the feeling of a day at the beach? These colours are perfect for people who prefer elevated neutral tones and are perfect for giving you the summer vibe all year round. Having the beach indoors is not an option, and having views from the balcony directly onto the beach is something not everyone can have and with these colours you can get the same feeling, that is, by adding colours like ivory, white, pale grey and beige.
And if you dare a little more, you can give it another way to accentuate the feeling with other colours and accessories such as turquoise tones, ocean blue and a touch of peach or coral.

Wall colours with a garden feel

Want something brighter or less muted? You can give your space more energy with some of the colours “pulled” from the garden. If you think about your perfect garden, and your favourite flowers, you can have these colours on your walls and give you a natural, free-flowing feel. There is a wide variety of greens that can fit perfectly with your rooms, and if you also place natural plants around the room, you will have a very nice feeling. You can also go for some lavender and green tones such as sage or bright grass.

Paint colour trends for summer

If you’re wondering which are the best rooms in your home to try these colours and this trend, the ideal is to do it in the rooms where you’ll be spending the most time. Ideally in the living room, dining room, playroom, etc… But doing any of these combinations in a room can also give you a very nice summer feeling.

In a bedroom, for example, you can pair the colour with fresh, soft bedding, pillows and decorative accessories. In a living room you can also support the soft, summery décor by decorating curtains, cushions, etc…

If you’re thinking about adding a touch of summer to your home and you don’t know exactly what colours to use, you can contact our team for advice beforehand.