It is indeed the time of the year when most houses are painted and it is time to think about painting your house. As we believe that there are many things you should know about it, we want to give you some tips to paint your house in Jávea and make it easier for you.

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Having the necessary materials and accessories to paint your house in good conditions

As for any work, it is necessary to have the materials, tools and accessories necessary to do a job in conditions.

Buying the paint, choosing the colour is the first step, but don’t forget to buy rollers, buckets with a paint squeegee and buy masking tape, paper to cover the floor, plastic or blankets to cover furniture, windows and any object that you don’t want to paint.

Plan the job of painting your house in Jávea before painting

It is important in any job to have a plan in place when painting a house it is important to know that you have to start with an important part which is to cover cracks, scrape off old paint and in short prepare the surface to be painted.

This is one of the most tedious processes, but at the same time essential for painting and it saves you a lot of time spent on cleaning if you don’t cover or tape each of the necessary elements well.

It’s time to paint your house

With the materials purchased, all the surfaces prepared and the necessary items such as light fittings, sockets, skirting boards, floors and windows covered, all that’s left to do is to start painting.

Remember as a tip, start painting the ceiling and then the walls. This process can be repeated in all the rooms of your house that need painting.

Remember that if you prefer to have a professional team of painters in Jávea such as those of us at Bartolomé Bas carry out the painting process of your home or business, you only have to contact us to give you a quote according to your needs.