Many times we neglect the ceilings inside our home, but there comes a time when you realize that you should start taking care of them, either for aesthetics or to increase the value of the house.

And this is not something complicated to do, you just have to be careful with the rest of the elements of the room and use the right technique for a good finish. A refreshing coat of color can give a definitive finish to your home and that, every visitor you receive at home, will notice it.

Ceilings are the fifth wall in a forgotten room. You can leave it white but painted, and if you give it a touch of color, much more seen and different that will make the room look better. When working with designers, they often decide to add a touch of color to the room from here.

What are the reasons why we advise you to paint the ceiling?

It can improve the design of your home

Interior design experts argue that the design of your home can improve when the ceilings are painted. Ceiling painting is another effective method to ensure a stunning design. Some people believe that ceilings are usually secondary, however, when you decide to highlight/emphasize the ceiling, you will immediately notice a huge change in the interior space. One option is to paint it with a dark color or patterned wallpaper, this way it will highlight and give design to the room.


Painting the ceiling can make the space appear larger.

If you paint the ceiling a dark color it will give the feeling that the interior space of the room is larger than it really is. When you hear this you may think it’s the opposite, as dark has always made a room look smaller, but when applied to the ceiling, the feeling is the opposite as it makes the ceilings look higher than they really are. A dark ceiling and white walls? It may look bold but it works

It can add a touch of creativity to your home.

Painting the ceilings of your house can add a touch of creativity to the spaces adding “brightness” and boldness, differentiation… This is a way that many interior designers use to give a house a personal, differentiated and striking touch. However, when you decide to give this characteristic touch to a room you have to take into account that the rest of the walls should be in softer and less extravagant colors.

Do you want to give a distinctive touch to your home? If you want your guests to be impressed with the interior design of your home, you can contact our painters in Javea and surroundings to give a professional touch with perfect finishes to your ceilings, walls and facades.