How to use paint to alter the size of a room

When choosing which colour to paint a room with is important. Each colour brings a different atmosphere or mood, and this is true. One shade or another can make a room more or less homely.

But it not only affects in this aspect, but depending on the colour you choose, the room can seem smaller or larger, darker or brighter… Here we want to give you some tips on how to choose the right colour.

Colours that make a room bigger

Let’s see how to make a room look bigger simply with the colour of the walls. It is clear that in our area of the Costa Blanca, such as Jávea, Denia, Moraira, sunny days are quite common, but we cannot always have rooms with direct light, and sometimes not even with windows. That is why the colour we choose is important.

To make a small room look bigger and more spacious it will be necessary to use cold and light tones. Cold colours make objects appear smaller and create the illusion that the walls are moving away from each other, giving a sense of grandeur.

Always avoid contrasting colours from one wall to another. If we focus on only one tone on all the walls, it will be more difficult for the eyes to recognise the edges of the walls and it will give a feeling of spaciousness.


How to disguise a low ceiling?

We all like high ceilings, as they always give us a feeling of spaciousness, freedom… but it is not always possible. As with the walls, if we paint the ceiling with the same bright colours on the walls and the ceiling, we will make the ceiling look higher. It’s a simple trick to give this optical effect of height.

Another option that many people use is to decorate the walls with vertical stripes. Even, if it suits your home, to put mirrors on the ceiling, but this is another trick that is a bit more complicated or difficult to fit in a normal home.

Trick to make the corridor wider

Even if your hallway is narrow or small, our experts in Jávea and surroundings can solve it with a good colour and a good painting technique. If you want to lengthen the corridor, we suggest painting the side walls lightly and using a complementary colour on the back wall to avoid a “dead end” effect. To shorten the corridor we will draw attention to the back wall and stop the visual focus to encompass the length of the corridor. The wall will be painted in a colour that contrasts with the rest of the walls.

And to make the most of narrow corridors, we should use white and other light neutrals to help create the illusion of space and light. Dark colours should always be avoided.

At Bartolomé Bas we have a personalised advice service to help you choose what is best for your home.