When it comes time to sell a house, the first impression an interested buyer receives is very important. And a good new coat of paint is what can give a home a fresh, new look to help generate more interest from buyers.

A coat of paint not only changes the appearance of the house, but can also help to cover up any flaws, such as scratches, that the wall may have that could detract from the value of the property.

Therefore, any real estate agent would advise you to paint the house before putting it on the market. But what is the best paint and colour to help sell the property faster? Let’s look at a few tips to increase the number of people interested in buying.

Lowering the wall colour to sell faster

The best way to start is to always think in general. There will be someone who likes a blue wall colour, but generally speaking there are going to be more people who don’t like the interior wall of a blue house. That is why it is better to choose interior paint colours that appeal to a wider audience. Therefore we should avoid flashy colours such as dark blue, red, bright yellow, dark green, etc…

To sell a house first it is always better to think of soft, warm and attractive colours. If these colours are easier to combine with the style and design of a house, it will always be easier for the prospective buyer to imagine what their future home will look like. Our advice is to use more neutral, natural colours that have a broader appeal and combine with many options.

Paint colours for selling a house

These may be some of the most popular colours used to give a home a good look. And as you will see they have one thing in common, they are soft, neutral colours that will get more people interested in buying.

Silver Poinit Colour – SW7653

This is a warm grey colour that works well with a variety of different furniture and styles; from something dark traditional to something modern and contemporary. This is perfect for living rooms when combined with white trims..

Pure White – SW7005

When it comes to a neutral colour you can’t go wrong. For example, this warm white with hints of green is perfect when it comes to matching any style. Plus white always helps to complement dark furniture and goes well with houseplants.

Studio Clay Colour – SW9172

If you have a few rooms that have a lot of natural light, this brown shade will look great. This shade goes perfectly with both light and dark décor and is versatile enough to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Hire our painters to sell your house in Jávea or the surrounding area sooner.

It is not that easy to sell a property, there are many things that need to be done before you start trying to sell. When you decide to sell it is for a good reason, so it is very important to do it well.

At Bartolomé Bas we have years of experience in this, that’s why we always advise you to do things right and hire experts like ours. So, if you need more ideas and colours to give the right touch to the rooms of the house or customize the paint colour, contact us without any commitment.