Painting your home or office or any other place can often seem like a daunting task, and the truth is that it requires good skills to get a really good and long-lasting result, which is the most important thing. 

Painting a room is likely to look like a simple DIY project, but doing it the right way will make the paint last longer, the finish much better and save on paint as the application of the paint is something that influences the cost. That is why we always recommend that you call professionals, as in this case, our team of painters in Jávea and surroundings.

The difference if you hire a professional painter

The work done by a professional painter will always be totally different to the work done by a person who is not a professional in the field, since for example, the professional has already bought the utensils, materials for painting and the necessary tools to apply the paint correctly and a private individual, on the other hand, will have to buy or rent many of these tools, making the task more expensive. 

Many times we want to give a change to our home, and the most economical and possibly the most effective way to change is a new coat of paint or a change of colour on the walls, and it is always best to do it with professionals to really see the change and quality you want to see at home. 

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Why hire a professional painter instead of doing it yourself?

Save money

As mentioned above, if you decide to paint yourself, the material costs will be much more expensive. For starters, the painter will always get a better price on the paint. In addition, the painting team already has the tools and machines, if necessary, that a private individual does not have and will need for the perfect finish. 

You won’t have to go to any effort or trouble at all.

If you decide to hire expert painters who provide a quality service you will find that there is zero effort required, as our painters will prepare everything to start painting, covering and moving everything necessary so as not to stain or spoil anything in the house. Of course, all our painters leave the house as it was, without staining anything or leaving any dirt or remains of paint, materials or cans. 

The difference in quality

You may think painting is easy, but when you have a wall done you will notice up close and from a distance that the finish is not perfect. You may even do more coats of paint than is really necessary. But if you think about it, the professional painter has been working and getting paid for the job their whole professional life and this really is a sign that the job they can do for you will be much more perfect, professional and well done. 

Saving time if you hire a professional painter

Yes or yes when you hire professional painting experts you are saving time. If you decide to do it yourself, you will soon realise that you are making little progress, and that you are not really doing it properly. To prepare everything, to wrap everything, to cover and cover the small elements that you don’t want to stain, switches, etc… you will already spend much more time than necessary. It is likely that what a professional can do in two days, you will need more than a week. 

For these and many other reasons, if you need a new coat of paint or paint a complete facade and house, with our team of painters Bartolomé Bas you can count on the best hands in the Marina Alta. Do you want us to give you a quote? We will be delighted.