Putting up wallpaper may seem simple to some people, but when it comes to getting started, things are not that simple. And for others it may seem tedious, complicated and a nightmare. However, for a professional, putting up wallpaper correctly is something they deal with on a daily basis, in fact, our team of painters in Jávea, are experts in putting up wallpaper and using the best materials and the best finishes to achieve a PERFECT installation, without any scratches or bubbles, remaining perfectly straight and square in each of the corners.

Many times, when placing the paper oneself, unintentionally, they cut out parts that should not be cut, misaligning the “pieces” and having to throw away many parts of the paper and wasting material (as well as money). It is also possible that if the person trying to do it is not an expert in jobs like this, they may spend more time than necessary and end up taking three times longer than normal, wasting time.

The art of putting up wallpaper from a professional

Wallpaper installation is more of an art, it is a process that requires attention to detail and a lot of experience to get it right.
Our professionals have a lot of preparation before they start the application, so that the room is ready before they unroll the first roll of paper for the subsequent installation of the wallpaper.

An example of details to be taken into account is to remove the socket and switch sconces because for a well done job with the perfect finish it should not be done with these sconces in place.

You should also measure the space in the room to make sure that the amount of paper is correct. To correctly measure the metres to be wallpapered you should take into account every corner, every column, every skirting board, if there are beams, etc… For a professional it will not be a problem the doors that the room has, nor the windows, nor the sinks or toilets in the case of a bathroom, on the contrary, they know perfectly well how to optimise the material to obtain the best results.

Hiring a professional, leaving aside the perfection of the final work, you will also not waste time doing and undoing, wasting material and losing patience.

Contact our professionals for a PERFECT FINISH on your walls.

The high cost of going cheap and not hiring someone to put up the wallpaper.

At first it may seem to you that putting up wallpaper will save you money, saving on labour and choosing the right installation materials, but this is not the case. Here are the reasons why it’s not always a good idea to do your own wallpaper:
Apart from the paper, you will have to buy the necessary tools for the installation, such as the ladder, the paste, the roller, a smoothing brush, a level, etc… When you decide to hire professionals, they already have these tools and will not charge you for them. Therefore, when you hire them, you not only hire their skills and experience, but you also save money on tools that you will most likely only use that one time.
You’re a novice, and they’re not, and that’s just the way it is. And when you decide to hire experts, you know that you’re paying for all their experience installing wallpaper and that means that if any problems arise, they’ll be able to handle the situation. Plus, they will always be able to recommend the best materials and the right wallpaper for each room to get the best results.
Save time you don’t really have. A well done wallpaper installation takes time and attention to detail, and this time you don’t have for other things in your life. By hiring a professional, all you have to do is watch how the job is progressing.

Wallpapering can offer you thousands of different patterns, textures and styles to make your rooms original and beautiful. Give your home decor a boost with wallpaper installation.