Jávea is a wonderful town but being located at sea level there are many buildings with damp problems, even quality villas that over time also suffer from mould and damp. Is it possible to completely disinfect the walls from mould? Absolutely yes. Especially in indoor environments special treatments and bleaching can be applied to keep damp and mould away from our walls.

Mould problems on indoor walls can be solved with the help of a very rigorous treatment for this type of problem.

First step to eliminate mould

The first step in removing black mould stains from walls is carried out with special solvents that will remove the mould permanently. A thorough sanitisation of the wall is absolutely essential before moving on to the thermal insulation step.

One of the main causes of mould on walls comes from factors such as condensation and cold walls. The habitat of any mould is the hot-cold ratio.

Using an anti-mould thermal paint will help prevent it from appearing again, as it is a thermal insulating product that absolutely eradicates mould problems from walls. In Bartolomé Bas we work as painters in Jávea and we always recommend that you go to professionals to solve correctly and deeply the problems of mould and dampness.

Contact our professionals to solve mould and damp problems

How does thermal paint work?

Thermal anti-mould and thermal insulation paint is not a normal anti-mould paint. It is a “last generation” paint with great anti-condensation properties. This type of paint is enriched with microspheres with insulating power that are able to insulate the environment. With this type of paint it is possible to insulate entire rooms with only 2 or 3 coats of paint. 

This paint will help to compensate for thermal shock due to thermal bridges or lack of insulation in the home. 

There are thermal insulating paints for both interior and exterior walls. But this time we cannot but recommend that for mould on exterior walls you should contact our team for assessment of the foundations of the building. 

As for interior walls, as we mentioned, thermal paints are very effective in uniformising the temperature of the walls, reducing condensation and reflecting heat. In this way, it protects the environment from thermal changes. 

The treatments that we at Bartolomé carry out for the elimination of dampness include the following services that will solve the problem completely: 

  • Elimination of black spots
  • Complete sanitation
  • Recovery of the walls
  • Thermo-insulating paint 

We solve any problem of mould and damp in homes, offices and other rooms.