If the time has come to whitewash the walls of your house, you will most likely have to start by covering the floors and some furniture with tarpaulins.

You cannot skip this step for any reason, otherwise you will find yourself scraping the floor and trying (in vain) to remove bits of encrusted paint.

There are tarpaulins on the market specifically for this purpose, the problem is usually not how to place the tarpaulins, but how to place them so that you don’t really get “everyone” dirty.

If the room is empty and unfurnished, it is advisable to adapt the tarpaulins to the size of the room and in a completely uniform way, in order to avoid uncovered spaces and paint falling on the floor.

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Another small tip

When laying the sheet, make sure that it sticks to the floor and does not get damaged. It may be a good idea to cover the sheet with adhesive tape so that it lies evenly on the floor.

In addition to the sheet, use thick cardboard sheets, being careful not to slip. This will be especially useful if you have to put down paint pots, rollers or brushes that could easily stain the whole room.