Many of the ceilings of the villas and houses in and around Jávea have ceilings supported by wooden beams, as this is a very Mediterranean way of construction that is still used today, especially in rustic style houses, country houses and village houses. These construction elements also give a different look, which is why many people choose to use these types of beams for the simple fact of the decoration and style that they give, being part of the furniture. 

The use of these types of wooden beams can lead to woodworm infestation and damage over time, so it is best to disinfect and treat them from time to time. 

What is woodworm in beams?

Woodworm is a xylophagous insect that feeds on wood and progressively degrades the material. This insect lives by digging deep tunnels and making the wood increasingly look like “gruyere” compromising the integrity of the wood and causing the strength of the ceilings to be affected as well. That’s why our team of professional painters in Javea and timber treatment specialists always recommend acting promptly and in advance.

When a beamed ceiling is infested with woodworm it is very important to act immediately, so we recommend that you call us to make an analysis of the type of woodworm and how it should be treated in each case. 


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Woodworm treatment in Jávea and surroundings

In Bartolomé Bas we use different types of procedures for the disinfection of woodworm, as we have mentioned, also depending on the type of woodworm.

In the first treatment we inject a special substance prepared to be injected into the wood. This product protects the wood from mould, bacteria and other fungi.

The second procedure is anoxia, which is a sealing of the product and elimination of oxygen. The third procedure is microwave treatment, a process based on heating the product to eliminate insects, eggs and larvae.

After the woodworm disinfection of the beams, it is possible to putty and then paint the wooden elements with special products for pest protection.

Once treated, the beams can be left as bare wood, i.e. with only the protection that has been applied, or they can be painted in various colours. But before painting, remember that the definitive disinfestation of the woodworm in the beams is a complete process that must be carried out correctly and it is always better to go to a professional to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

There is the possibility of using ecological treatments that do not leave chemical residues at home and are specially designed not to damage the wood without harming people, animals or plants in the room. Treatment will always depend on the level and type of woodworm infestation.