Choosing the colour to paint your house is more than an aesthetic decision; it is an opportunity to reflect your personality and create an atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we understand the importance of this choice and we are here to guide you. This article offers a complete overview to help you select the perfect shade that not only beautifies your home, but also contributes to your well-being.

Understanding the psychology of colour

The emotional impact of colour

Colours don’t just beautify; they also have a profound impact on our emotions. A fascinating study by Lisa Wilms and Daniel Oberfeld, published in Psychological Research in 2018, explores this connection in detail. The researchers found that bright, saturated colours tend to be associated with a higher level of arousal. Furthermore, the study reveals that the hue of a colour (such as blue, green or red) significantly influences how we feel, with a noticeable increase in arousal when moving from blue and green tones to red. This finding is crucial when considering what emotions we want to evoke in different spaces in our home. For example, a blue tone may be ideal for a relaxing environment, while a red might be better for a space that seeks to energise and stimulate. To read more about this study, visit Psychological Research.

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Colours and spaces

Colour choice should be tailored to the size and function of each space. Light, neutral tones can make a small room feel more spacious, while darker or more saturated colours can give depth and character to a larger space. It is important to consider how the space will be used; for example, a study or work area might benefit from colours that encourage concentration and creativity.

Lighting considerations

Natural and artificial light

Lighting has a significant impact on how we perceive colours. A colour may appear completely different in daylight compared to artificial light. Look at colour swatches at various times of the day to get an accurate idea of how it will look in your space. Northern light tends to give a cooler tone, while southern light can enhance warm tones.

Light reflection

The brightness and saturation of a colour can change dramatically depending on the amount of light it reflects. Lighter colours can help brighten a dark space, while darker tones can be ideal for rooms with lots of natural light, adding a sense of warmth and comfort. Light reflection is also crucial in spaces with artificial lighting; colour choice can influence the overall atmosphere of the space during the evening hours.

Trends and personal styles

Keeping up with trends

While it is vital to be aware of the latest colour trends, it is equally important that your chosen colour reflects your personal identity. Trends can serve as a source of inspiration, but the final choice should resonate with your personal taste and complement the overall aesthetic of your home. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we offer you a wide range of options, from timeless to modern shades, so you can find the perfect balance between contemporary and personal.

Combining with your decoration

Consistency is key when selecting a paint colour. Consider how the colour will interact with elements already present in your home, such as furniture, artwork, and textiles. A colour that complements your existing décor will create a sense of harmony and flow throughout the space. Experiment with swatches and observe how each colour interacts with these elements under different lighting conditions to ensure a choice that blends seamlessly into your home.

Colour testing techniques

Samples and wall testing

Testing paint samples directly on your walls is one of the most effective methods to make sure you are making the right choice. This allows you to see how the colour interacts with the light and the space at different times of the day and under various lighting conditions. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we encourage our customers to take their time with this process, providing colour samples so they can experiment at home before making a final decision.

Digital tools

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to visualise how different colours will look on your walls using apps and digital tools. These tools are particularly useful for shortlisting and trying out different colour combinations without compromise. They can provide a rough representation of what the final colour will look like, which is especially useful for those who are undecided or who want to explore multiple options.

Tips for paint application

Surface preparation

Proper preparation is essential to achieve a high quality paint finish. This includes cleaning the walls, repairing any imperfections and applying a primer if necessary. A well-prepared surface ensures that the paint adheres properly and provides a smooth, even finish, resulting in a more professional and durable appearance.

Painting techniques

Application technique is crucial for a perfect finish. We recommend using high quality tools and following best painting practices, such as applying thin, even coats and using masking tapes to protect edges and create clean lines. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we are committed not only to providing you with the best products, but also to offering guidance and advice so that you can achieve professional results in your painting project.