We can be very grateful to have a roof that covers us, but beware, when leaks are lurking it is not a good thing. This can happen because the waterproofing of the roof is not adequate and water seepage is generated, which on a large scale can affect the whole house, causing leaks in the walls, mould, fungus, and can even weaken the structure of the wall.

Terrace waterproofing companies

As we have mentioned, water seepage on terraces can affect the whole house, so we always advise you to hire terrace waterproofing companies such as our team Bartolomé Bas Pinturas. A roof becomes a “terrace” when it is flat, and an entrance or access to it is built.

When it is a flat terrace there are several advantages and disadvantages. It should be noted that flat roofs were more common in hot and dry climate areas, but if done with proper waterproofing, these roofs can also be built and used in rainier areas. When you have a flat roof you will always be able to add more floors on top. You can also use it for your own use and enjoyment with areas for lounging and entertaining friends. It can be used for installations that the house needs, such as panels and air-conditioning machines. But these roofs lead to problems if cared for properly.

Flat roofs do not drain as efficiently as pitched roofs, so water sometimes accumulates. You will also need to be very careful that dirt or ‘rubbish’ does not accumulate, as this can cause water to back up and clog the drainage.

Methods of waterproofing a flat terrace

This part of the home is the most exposed of all, as it acts as a sheath that protects us from the outside conditions, keeping the home dry and safe. And for this simple and great reason, it is very important to take good care and have a good waterproofing.

Our team has years of experience in waterproofing these types of roofs and terraces, and one of our methods does not involve having to raise the ground.

There will be cases where the ground will need to be raised and in many cases it will not.

Asphalt fabric is one of the most commonly used products for waterproofing, but then it will have to be covered with the appropriate waterproofing material.

In Bartolomé Bas we like to give you advice for the painting of your house, here you can see some examples like the best colour to paint a dark room, but to know well what your house needs, the best option is to talk to us and we will recommend you what you most need at this moment. Especially in the case of terrace waterproofing, it is very important that you go to good professionals.