Did you know that we can bring old grilles, railings and gates back to life? A complete maintenance can make them look as good as new, as our team of painters in Jávea has been working in the sector for years and knows how to clean, pickle, treat with antioxidant and paint to give a perfect finish and leave all “metal” renewed.

It is true that metal is more resistant to atmospheric agents than other materials such as wood, but it also loses its shine and paint over the years and often becomes rusty. It should be borne in mind that many paints, if not chosen with knowledge, do not perform as well as others and tend to discolour quickly, leaving metal grilles or objects exposed to the oxidation that can be caused by the weather.

Treating iron grilles throughout the house

Many elements of a house are made of iron, such as gates, fences, and even balconies and staircases. When these become damaged you should know that it is possible to give them another life and that they do not have to be replaced, especially if they are wrought iron or prestigious antique creations. A complete treatment will bring them back to life.

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Process of repairing iron grilles and other elements

In the area of Jávea and surroundings there is a lot of humidity and saltpetre in the air, especially if you are near the sea, and this damages and spoils the grilles, gates and iron elements. So to start with the treatment we clean the surface well, thoroughly and in every nook and corner. Metal surfaces should be cleaned of rust, smog and paint residues.  Once all surfaces have been cleaned, the metal substrates are completely stripped. If there are parts covered with rust, it is very important to remove it with a careful sanding with a steel brush. In this case, a strong anti-rust treatment must be carried out to protect the support from future aggressions. This pickling can be done by sanding, sandblasting or heat pickling according to the needs of each element.

Once the metal/iron of the fence, grating or gate has been treated, we proceed to paint it with a carefully chosen paint.  When applying the paint, we use different techniques and/or different paints, from powder paints to liquid paints. Depending on the element to be painted, we will choose one type of paint or another.

Restoring iron grilles and other metal elements

At Bartolomé Bas we have a service for the treatment of metal window and door frames in Jávea and the surrounding area, and we know the procedure well so that this time each element lasts and is preserved for as long as possible. One of the key points is to use paints that make the metal elements resistant to wear and tear, scratches, atmospheric agents such as rain, wind or humidity, and frost.

What kind of metal elements can we restore?

  • Gates and pedestrian doors
  • Perimeter gates
  • Grilles
  • Railings
  • Fences
  • Balustrades
  • Garage
  • Gas, water and electricity boxes

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