The restoration of façades on old houses is a delicate balance between preserving history and adapting to current needs. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we approach each project with a blend of respect for tradition and use of modern innovations. We understand that each façade has its own history and unique characteristics, and our goal is to restore its original beauty while ensuring its long-term durability.

Façade evaluation

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the façade. This stage is crucial to identify structural problems, weather damage and other issues that may influence the restoration. We use advanced diagnostic techniques to thoroughly understand every aspect of the façade, ensuring that our restoration approach is comprehensive and meticulous.

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Cleaning and preparation

Proper preparation is fundamental to the success of the restoration. We focus on cleaning techniques that respect the integrity of the historic material. This includes the careful removal of accumulated dirt, moss and old or damaged paint. Our preparation process not only cleans the surface, but also prepares the façade for the application of new materials, ensuring a solid foundation for the next steps.

Paint and colour selection

Choosing the right paint and colours is crucial in the restoration of old facades. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we select paints that are not only durable and weather resistant, but also compatible with the historic materials of the façade. When selecting colours, we carefully consider the architectural style of the house and historic colour palettes, ensuring that the restoration respects and enhances the authenticity and character of the building.

Painting techniques

Our expert team uses a variety of techniques to apply the paint, adapting them to the specific needs of each façade. From hand application for detailing and ornamentation to more modern methods for covering large areas, each step is carried out with precision and care. Our detailed approach ensures a uniform coverage that not only enhances the aesthetics of the façade, but also protects and preserves the structure for the future.

Maintenance and aftercare

Once the restoration is complete, ongoing maintenance and care is essential to preserve the façade in the long term. We provide our clients with a detailed maintenance plan, including recommendations for regular cleaning and inspection of the façade. These practices help to quickly identify and resolve any future problems, keeping the façade in optimal condition.

Sustainability in restoration

At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, sustainability is a priority. We use paints and methods that minimise environmental impact, without sacrificing quality and durability. These eco-friendly paints are not only safer for the environment, but also for the people who live and work in these historic properties.

Specific challenges in old houses

Treating cracks and structural damage

Old houses often present unique challenges, such as cracks and structural damage. Our team specialises in identifying and repairing these problems effectively, using materials and techniques that respect the original integrity of the structure.

Respecting history

Maintaining historical authenticity is central to our work. Every decision, from colour selection to application technique, is made with the aim of preserving the character and history of the building.

In conclusion, the restoration of facades on old houses is a complex process that requires experience, precision and a deep respect for history. At Bartolomé Bas Pinturas, we are dedicated to restoring these historic structures to the highest quality, ensuring that they retain their beauty and character for future generations.