As we have been advocating for some time, painting a house is the easiest way to transform it visually. We believe that it is a very affordable investment that will increase the value of the property and give it a new and refreshed look. Moreover, if you paint the house or any other structure with specific products, it can even increase the lifespan of the building. So, to give the perfect touch to your home, make sure you hire professional painters in Javea and surroundings to help and advise you at all times.
Here we are going to leave you with the 5 things to keep in mind before painting your home.

Choose the right color before you start painting.

It seems silly, but it is not. Many times we choose a color seen on paper or image and we forget about it, and then when we see the final finish it does not convince us at all. This should NOT happen. Just as the dress or clothes you wear usually reflect your personality, the same thing happens with the color of your house. And choosing the right shade for your home becomes essential because even it can make a small room look bigger by using the right tones. It is something that you will see day after day, and one color or another can completely change the feeling it produces in our mood even.


Choose the quality of the paint before painting your house.

It doesn’t matter how bright or elegant the shade of paint you select if you end up choosing or buying a poor quality paint that leaves you with an uneven and imperfect finish. Our experts will always recommend you to use the best quality primer and paint. By using a top quality paint you will have more years of color warranty than with bad brands and qualities.

Before painting, protect your furniture and floors

The job of painting the house is not only about painting and that’s it, but also about preparing everything to protect the floor and furniture of the rooms. To avoid unexpected marks and stains, you will have to cover them properly with sheets or special fabrics for them. Of course, when the painting job is finished, the ideal is to finish the job well and clean the floor immediately afterwards in case anything has escaped. The job must be done perfectly.

Remember to clean the wall before painting

When the wall is already coated with colors (which you are going to change or repaint) before starting the painting job with the new color, you have to remove any kind of dirt or marks on the wall. Otherwise the final coat of the new paint will have dirt marks.

Use the right brush and tools.

Painting a house with a new everything can instantly transform the house, however, this works when the siding and finish is flawless. For them, you should always use the right paint tools and rollers to make the paint durable and scratch-free. If you are planning to paint your house, our team of house painters in Moraira, Javea, Denia and surroundings can help you with the best painting services.